I recently read an interesting article in Forbes regarding what strategies should luxury brands pursue to attract affluent customers. It might just be any brands mechanisms, the point is to find out which one works best for you. The luxury consumer in particular can be tricky although most desirable audience which does demand a very thoughtful and well planned strategy. Referring to the aforementioned article I want to mention some key points which could be helpful in reaching out to any kind of specific client.

First of all organic advertising is a good way to start building a foundation using social media like instagram. Sharing appropriate and tasteful images (preferably high quality and as authentic as possible) which reflect brands image can result in reaching global audience and their engagement. It offers a great way to deliver your message to a broader community and receive their feedback as well. The latter can be very helpful in strategizing the future marketing approach. One of the interesting aspects regarding winning a luxury costumer is making your product hard to get, meaning the potential customer needs to put an extra effort to afford, buy or simply get the product. Besides wanting the object of desire one has to get emotionally attached to it and associated with the brand regardless of the price or time of delivery.

In order to awaken and develop the identification with the product the transparency of its production and understanding of the company plays a key role in the whole process. Documenting the everyday routines, insight into the lifestyle of the CEO or other associates can attract several fans, admirers and nevertheless potential clients. In doing something and presenting it in unique way can put the business into the spotlight, attracting attention in the long run, which should ultimately be the main objective of a single company. You can undoubtedly create something out of very few if you find unique and authentic ways of presenting yourself and your work. Do something extra or more than similar low-end commodity sales, make a complete story which goes beyond the average customer experience.

Monika Dežela Grkman


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