This title sort of reminds of the times when I was struggling to make myself as likeable as possible on certain job interviews, especially right after graduation, when my poor work experiences weren’t a strong point of my “overall package”. I suppose most of the young population try to impress their future employees by modulating their voice, behaviour and even their walk just to increase the favourability to their employment. Which may not be such a wrong thing, but that is only the first impression….right? Before I go on, let me just focus on that first impression for a while which shouldn’t be underestimated as it may consequently lead to an uphill battle if we pursue it the wrong way. A good handshake, getting your clothing right, carefully considered business card and the ability to do small talk or at least be a good listener. The aim of all this is to showcase yourself in a way that brings you respect and good reputation.

When selling a product you should be very well aware of the brand identity which is the persona of your company and therefore the customer’s first impression. Since the philosophy of product-centric marketing is no longer a theme, one should consider the importance of the perception you acquire and the customers experience which should eventually lead to their proactivity. In order to do so we should think about, what we really are and how we want to market and brand ourselves. In this context our landing page is of great significance for attracting customers so be aware of some good quality UX design and content. In case we want to change our current branding and pursue rebranding, we have to make sure to do so in a cautious and well considered way, so we attract customers and not scare them away. Any forms of gimmicks should also not be a solution to think about when your brand identity is not in a place it should be.

Nevertheless the main point of this short article is to emphasize the key aspects when creating our brand identity: KNOWING WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE OFFER AND WHAT PEOPLE DESIRE.

Monika Dežela Grkman


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